TECH TALK with Marc Carlson, General Manager/CEO

//TECH TALK with Marc Carlson, General Manager/CEO

   Tech Talk:  Dear Santa…..

As Christmas gets closer and Black Friday sales start, we begin to see more gadgets for the home advertised.  This year Voice Assistants are going to be very popular!   You’ve probably seen the commercials featuring them and maybe wondered if they would be handy in your own home. The Amazon Alexa is still the most popular option, but the Google Home is starting to catch up.

Both items offer many similar functions, but there are differences.  If your cell phone is an Android, then Google Home may be a better fit for you.  It ties into many services you already use on your phone and is slightly better at answering common questions – after all, Google is the world’s most popular search engine.  Amazon Alexa is great for controlling a wide variety of smart home devices and works well with the Amazon Fire TV.  Both Alexa & Google Home are great for setting kitchen timers, streaming music, checking the weather, and even help with recipes!

Each option has its own pros and cons so if you are thinking about purchasing one for yourself or as a gift, stop in our office and try them out.  We currently have both products at our front desk for customers to demo and to help you decide which one to put on your list for Santa this year.

Marc Carlson
General Manager/CEO

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