Our Board

Landen Hillyard

Landen (Lanny) Hillyard and his wife, Dana, have two children and three grandchildren. He is a sales manager who enjoys boating, hunting, and fishing when he has free time. In addition to serving on the board for MTC Technologies, he is also a trustee for Southeastern Community College and serves on the administration board for Kingston United Methodist Church.

Chad Kuntz

Vice President

Chad Kuntz is a local farmer in the area. He and his wife Natalie have four children. When he’s not busy farming, he and his family love to camp and go four-wheeling. In addition to serving on the MTC board, he also serves as a trustee on the Two Rivers Levee and Drainage board. About MTC, he says, “MTC is a leader in our area offering fast, reliable services to a great community.”

Julie Edmonds

Julie is married to Pat Edmonds, and together they have five children and two grandchildren. She is a sales manager at Taeger Seed, and she enjoys baking and spending time with family and friends in her free time. In addition to serving on the MTC Technologies board, she also serves at the Des Moines County Community Foundation. When asked why she serves on the board, she responded, “I’m currently serving my first term on the MTC board. My decision to serve was based on my desire to stay involved with the community. MTC is a successful company quietly doing business in a big way; their recent expansions in the surrounding area and the addition of fiber to the home are only a couple examples. The services provided by MTC are important to our community; I feel the need for such services will increase over time as technology continues to advance. I’m excited to serve and be a part of this future.”

Dennis Breder


Dennis Breder and his wife, Carolyn, have two grandchildren and three grandchildren. He is a CFO / CPA, and he enjoys boating, snow skiing, hunting, fishing, and riding motorcycles in his free time. He has previously served as a member on the following boards: Mediapolis Education Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Burlington, and the Burlington Golf Club. He is on the board for MTC Technologies because he supports and promotes the deployment of advanced telecommunications technology in the Mediapolis area and likes that MTC provides service in a cost-efficient way that provides a fair return to the shareholders.

Ben Schmidgall

Secretary / Treasurer

Ben is an automation engineer at Hawkeye Petershaab. He has three children with his wife, Kim, and he enjoys playing computer games, reading books, watching football, and participating in Cub Scouts in his free time. He currently also serves on the Mediapolis Library Board and the committee for the BSA Mississippi Valley Council: Shoquoquon District. About MTC, he says, “MTC is a progressive company that provides a worldwide connection for the community. Being locally run ensures that our community has the best services available.”

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