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Residential TV Service

  • 38 Total Channels
  • The Weather Channel
  • 1 Set Top Box FREE
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  • 88 Total Channels
  • Access to Streaming
  • ESPN, Fox News, CNN
  • 1 Set Top Box FREE
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  • 114 Total Channels
  • Access to Streaming
  • NFL Network, ESPN U
  • 1 Set Top Box FREE
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Premium Channels

are available to take your cable service to the next level.

Premium channels can be added to any tier for an additional $19.95/month

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Man watching streaming service on a cell phone
When you subscribe to certain MTC Technologies View TV packages, you can get watchTVeverywhere free! This services allows you to watch your favorite TV channels on your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet. After you sign up for View TV service with us, visit the watchTVeverywhere site and follow the instructions in the document below to watch TV on any of your devices.
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Fiber TV Extras

Advanced DVR

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With MTC’s View TV the DVR’s NOT inside the box anymore!  Advanced DVR service is $4.99/mo. for 250 GB shared secure remote storage. This service activates DVR on every box in your home! Record up to 8 channels at the same time. Recording is not lost if box loses power or goes bad. Store recordings in folders for each family member or by category. To add 250 GB more storage it’s only $2.99. Additional storage is available.

Video On Demand

MTC View TV includes several options for On Demand content, making your TV viewing customizable, almost like a trip to the movies without the drive or cost! New movie releases are often available shortly after their release. Video On Demand (VOD) also has free programming from networks like Big Ten, A & E, and The History Channel, plus children’s shows and more!

Order a Movie
1. On your digital remote, push “On Demand” or “VOD” button
2. Select a movie category by pushing the arrow buttons to the
     category you want and then push the “OK/SEL” button
3. Select a movie that you want to watchYou may select the
    “PREVIEW” button to watch a preview of the movie first
4. Select “RENT” for a movie with a fee or “WATCH” for free content.


Pay-Per-View gives our viewers the option to purchase live event showings like UFC fights, live concerts, and more so that when something comes up that you just can’t miss, you can watch it from the comfort of your home.

PPV can be accessed through channels 60 and 61.

Parental Controls

1. Select “Menu” and arrow down to “Settings” and push “OK”
2. Arrow down to “Parental” and push “OK”
3. From this menu, you can change pin number, set ratings and time restrictions.

Device Manuals

Need help setting up the devices and remotes that come with your MTC View TV package? We have PDFs of each device manual below for your reference. If you have further questions or issues, please contact us! We’d be happy to help you troubleshoot.

IPTV User Guide
Nova/Amino Remote
Royal Big Button Remote