Simple. Reliable. Internet.

Seamless Online Experiences Made Easy.

We believe that Internet should be a simple tool that enhances your life without adding complexities.
Our commitment to you is embodied in our "Simple. Reliable. Internet." approach.

Residential Internet Service

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  • Great for Small Families
  • Unlimited Data
  • 5-10 Connected Devices
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  • Great for Small Families
  • Unlimited Data
  • Great for HD Streaming
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Managed Wi-Fi


When you add Managed Wi-Fi to your Internet plan you never have to worry about upgrading or replacing a router again.

  • Router Rental & Onsite Setup
  • Firmware Upgrades & Configuration
  • Remote Support
  • Free Installation
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Test your speed

*Please note that the internet speed testing results may vary based on network conditions and other factors, and may not always reflect the actual performance of your internet service.
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Experience calving season with peace of mind. Our Building-Connect Internet service ensures uninterrupted connectivity, allowing you to monitor every corner of your barn. Keep a watchful eye on your herd day and night, ensuring the safety and well-being of your livestock.

  • Extend Your Existing Internet
  • PTP Equipment
  • New Device Connection
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Email Settings

Email Device Settings

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Please reference the information below to correctly connect your mepotelco email address on a mobile phone, new iPad or tablet! Follow the steps your device takes you through and input the following information when appropriate.

Email address: [insert your email]
Email password: [insert your password]
Email account type: imap (preferred) or pop3
Incoming email server:
Outgoing email server:
Incoming server (pop3): Port: 995
Incoming server (imap): Port: 993
Outgoing server (smtp): Port: 587
Authenticate: Yes
SSL: Yes

Spam Removal

Most filtering of unsolicited automated email (also known as spam or junk mail) is handled by a spam filter before those email messages reach your Inbox.Email that might possibly be junk mail, but is not certain to be junk, is placed in your Junk folder. You can review these messages and either move them out of the Junk folder or delete them. If you do not move or delete the messages, they are purged after 30 days.

Spam Removal guide